Perl, Python, and Ruby: Extended test assertions and diagnostics

July 31, 2016

Examining diagnostics and extended assertions

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Perl, Python, and Ruby: The anatomy of a testing assertion

July 24, 2016

How Perl, Python, and Ruby each handle testing assertions

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Comparing the testing ecosystems of Perl, Python, and Ruby

July 24, 2016

A programmer moving between Perl, Python, and Ruby is unlikely to run in to too many conceptual challenges. There’s new syntax to learn, and there are a few wrinkles: someone new to Perl will have to get used to adding strange characters to the beginning of their variable names, someone new to Python is going to wrap their head around the scoping rules, and someone new to Ruby will probably spend some time trying to understand monkey-patching and Eigen-classes, but the similarities vastly outweigh the differences.

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Code Reviews that might actually work

June 4, 2012

Code reviews are a great way of improving code quality, and bruising egos. This article looks at practical ways to do more of the former, and less of the latter.

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How to Estimate like an Adult – A Developer’s Guide

February 10, 2012

Usefully estimating software projects is difficult, but not impossible. Developers can end up feeling guilty that they’re not meeting their estimates, and at the same time defensive: what they gave were just estimates after all, right? Managers feel exasperated that everything is taking three times as long as it should. What are the developers doing all day?

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Automatic Generation of Cucumber from Code

December 24, 2011

An approach we took at a client where we automatically generated Cucumber scenarios by empirical analysis of code. Introduces concepts from Design By Contract.

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